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Friday, April 9, 2021

Chebakia Moroccan

Chebakia Moroccan


 - 1 kg of flour

 - 250 g of toasted sesame seeds

 - 150 ml melted butter

 - 150 ml of olive oil

 - 2 tablespoons of cinnamon

 - 2 tablespoons of ground anise

 - 5 tablespoons of white vinegar

 - 1 teaspoon of salt.

 - 1 pinch of ground gum arabic

 - 1 teaspoon of rancid "Smen" butter

 - 7 g of baking powder

 - 1 measure of a small dab of baker's yeast

 - 1 tsp of saffron pistils

 - 250 ml of orange blossom water

 - 2 egg yolks

 - 2l of oil for frying

 - 4 kg of honey


 - Toasted sesame seeds


- In a small bowl put the saffron pistils and 60 ml of orange blossom water and let them infuse for 30 minutes.

 - Place the sesame seeds in a blender and mix well until the sesame grind to a smooth mass.

 - Put the flour in a large salad bowl along with all the ingredients except the vinegar.

 - Mix everything, adding a little water to collect the dough.  She must be firm.  Then stir in the vinegar.  Knead the dough so that it becomes smooth.  Shape balls as in the photo.

 - Roll them out with a rolling pin, then pass the dough.

 - Then cut the dough using a roulette wheel (Jerâra) or a special chebakia cookie cutter.

 - Using push and index fingers, fold the dough into the shape of Chebakia.


-Fry your Chebakia in a hot oil bath.

  - Until golden brown on both sides, remove and immediately dip in warm honey.

  - Leave it for a while to absorb it, decorate it with toasted sesame seeds.


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